Prodotto Tipico Camaiorese

This project was created by ‘love for their land of Camaiore DOC with the aim of enhancing the area of Camaiore in all its forms:

Promotion of Historic Places, archaeological sites, natural beauty, villages and picturesque villages, tell their story and enhance the typicality.

From the rediscovery of traditional recipes now lost to dishes still ingrained in our daily lives, discovering anecdotes and secrets.

Support business craft
Our path, the our marketing and business development, national channels and international participation in important events also targeted television,
we want to give practical help to all those local workshops that will want to be part of this initiative.

Middle ground between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Apuan mountains, thanks to its privileged location, enjoying scenic beauties unique and beyond. Because of this feature and the vastness of the territory, it has a large variety of local products. From the countryside there are crops in greenhouses that provide year-round production of vegetables (zucchini, tomatoes, strawberries, green beans, beets, spinach …)


From the hill thanks to our olive trees, we collect and work directly in our mill in bogo di Lombrici an excellent oil 100% Italian and an extraordinary honey hives untouched thanks to a local beekeeper who are in the village of Metato, pearl set on top of the mountain overlooking the sea. Fresh air and sea breezes ensure its quality.

From the mountain is the host chestnut, many of our ancestors have lived through working Chestnut. Highly nutritious food. One of our traditional dishes Camaiore is the Castagnaccia, sweet typical of winter or the necci with ricotta also made with chestnut flour.


Also in the woods of Lucca you can find many woodland products: in particular mushrooms, always rich collection that never fails! Fresh or dried traditional Coccore are the so called quest of Camaiore delicious mushrooms in addition to porcine and other species.

Finally, in the village of Gombitelli place in the mountains, for generations produces the delicious hams and sausages, the nostratradizione imposes to sample at least once biroldo, the mortadellina nostrale and the brawn.


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