Biroldo of Gombitelli

Biroldo di Camaiore

Typical salami

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BIROLDO - Typical product of Camaiore

Biroldo is a sausage of pork made with the less noble considered parts: 
head, lungs, heart, tongue and sometimes offal, all mixed with pork blood.
It is a medium size sausage (diameter 5-7 cm), rounded and flattened in 
shape (loaf), tied at both ends. It consists of visible pork fat (lard) 
fragments dispersed in the coagulated blood mass; deliciously fragrant,
tender in texture and dark red. The flavor is more or less spicy and also
 the smell. The product owes its tradition to the raw materials used in 
production, the special processing technique and the specific taste.

Characteristics: pure pork obtained from the cooking of the head and the 
subsequent sacking of natural gut with pork blood and subsequent heating process.

Finely spiced. Sausage to be eaten raw, excellent as an appetizer or as a snack 
on homemade bread. Gluten absent.

Sizes: in pieces 500 gr


Gombitelli is an ancient village in the mountains of Camaiore and is the homeland
 of the master butcher generations who produce the most typical of our sausages.
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